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How to save money on your vacation

I get asked this question a lot as a former travel agent, I do know a lot of tips and tricks you can use to save money on vacations. However I found something better, an article you can read which explains this.

This first step can be the most difficult part of trip-planning, because many people (according to Gallup, a full two-thirds of the adult population!) don’t keep or create a household budget. But you have to start somewhere, and you should never plan a trip without money in mind.

Closely and frankly examine your finances as well as your travel partner’s. Decide how much you can realistically save in a predetermined period of time. For instance, if you know you can save $50 per week, you’ll also know that you’ll have $2,600 toward your vacation in one year’s time. If you can stretch that to $100 per week, you’ll have more than $5,000. Once you have a number on paper, then you can decide on a savings plan. If you discover that your once-in-a-lifetime trip is going to cost twice what you can save, you’ll need to adjust your budget or your timeline.”

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