Your Dream Caribbean Vacation

How to save money on your vacation

I get asked this question a lot as a former travel agent, I do know a lot of tips and tricks you can use to save money on vacations. However I found something better, an article you can read which explains this.

This first step can be the most difficult part of trip-planning, because many people (according to Gallup, a full two-thirds of the adult population!) don’t keep or create a household budget. But you have to start somewhere, and you should never plan a trip without money in mind.

Closely and frankly examine your finances as well as your travel partner’s. Decide how much you can realistically save in a predetermined period of time. For instance, if you know you can save $50 per week, you’ll also know that you’ll have $2,600 toward your vacation in one year’s time. If you can stretch that to $100 per week, you’ll have more than $5,000. Once you have a number on paper, then you can decide on a savings plan. If you discover that your once-in-a-lifetime trip is going to cost twice what you can save, you’ll need to adjust your budget or your timeline.”

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Special Prep Tips for Your Next Vacation When You Wear Glasses

prescription glasses Are you getting ready for your next vacation? Do you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses? Then we highly suggest that you spend a little extra time preparing for your next vacation, because being without your glasses while on vacation isn’t fun. If you take the time to do everything on the following list, you’ll not only have your glasses or contacts when you need them, you’ll also be able to easily get a new pair if you end up losing your glasses.

Get an Appointment With Your Eye Doctor

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? The glasses you’re wearing may still be just fine, but then again, they may no longer be strong enough. If you want to make sure you see everything clearly on your next vacation have your eyes checked at least 2 weeks before you leave. This will give you time to get an updated pair of lenses in case your prescription changes.

Have At Least 2 Copies of Your Prescription With You

So, now that you know what your current prescription is, you need to bring 2 copies of it with you in case you break your eyeglasses or lose your contacts. These things happen and having a copy of your prescription will make it easier to replace them if the need does in fact arise. Here are a few places to put a couple copies of your prescription:

  • Photocopy it and put it in your eyeglass case.
  • Snap a photo of it and save it on your phone.
  • Place a copy in your wallet
  • Place a copy in your suitcase
  • Laminate a copy and put it on your keyring
  • Put a copy in your toiletry case

You see, we’ve made a few suggestions on where to put it, because we really want you have to have 2 copies of it at all times during your vacation. After all two is one and one is none in case you lose a copy of it. Have two and you’ll increase the odds of always having a copy with you when you need it.

Get All Current Contact Information of Your Optometrist With You

In the event that you can’t find a copy of your prescription, it would be very helpful to have the contact information of your optometrist. This way you won’t vacation travel waste too much time at the eye care center. After all, there is fun to be had. Here’s what you need to get:

  • email
  • business address
  • fax number
  • office line
  • social media contact information
  • secondary phone number

If you have all of these forms of contacts, you are bound to get your prescription sooner than later.

Always Have an Extra Pair of Glasses or Contact Lenses

You should without a doubt bring an extra pair of glasses and extra contact lenses with you. Here’s a few places to keep your extra pair of glasses:

  • in your purse
  • in your car
  • in your backpack
  • in your suitcase

As you can see, it’s easy to prepare for your vacation when you wear glasses. If you remember anything at all from this, double everything! Take two pairs of glasses, bring twice as many as contacts as you think you’ll need, have two places to store your extra glasses and contacts. and have two copies of your prescription. This will ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable vacation.



Packing for your Caribbean Vacation

You got the tickets, you got the hotel booked and now you don’t know what to pack! Never fear your travel agent friend is here! While I can sit here and list all the things you should pack for your vacation like some boring agent with no life. I’ll just summarize some of the main points that one of my favorite blogs did.

“Packing mishaps range from merely inconvienient (heading to the Caribbean without your favorite swimsuit) to downright disastrous (finding you’ve left the country without your wallet or medication) but most are preventable.”

Go to to get the packing list. I used to print it out and make copies for my clients all the time!

Learn How to Play the Blues on the Beach

guitar1When you’re on vacation, you will obviously have some free time, so why not spend it by learning how to play the blues on that guitar you bought ten years ago?

What is Blues?

Blues musical genre can be played in various instruments like Guitar, Saxophone, Drums, Trumpet and Trombone. Blues is exemplified making use of different chord developments, of which the 12 bar Blues chord progressions are extremely common.

Want Blues Guitar Lessons?

Are you interested in playing blues musical type on your Guitar? Then you need to discover and exercise the blues guitar between lessons. The guitar lessons are available to play various styles of blues like Chicago blues, slow blues, funky blues, jazz blues, boogaloo and much more. You can find out all these designs with various chords and progressions by going through the lessons discussed below:.

Blues Guitar Novice Lessons.

If you are a beginner in knowing, then start with newbie lessons including rhythm, small rhythm, shuffle rhythm, scales, intro licks and fundamental licks. Begin with blues solos lessons when you are done with these lessons. Then you can proceed with intermediate lessons including two chord licks, low string solo and swing solo.

Blues Guitar Lead Lessons.

You can proceed with the lead lessons to master in blues when you have discovered newbie guitar. The lead lessons consist of blues licks and solos, classic blues licks, timeless double stop licks, bends, movable blues, Jody’s shuffle and far more. You need to likewise concentrate on lessons related to blues rhythm, blues turn-around and acoustic.

Find out all guitar lessons with full care and master them. No doubt that you will quickly end up being a finest Guitarist like B.B. King, Leadbelly and Eric Clapton.

It is suggested that you exercise the guitar daily to become the guitar player that you have actually constantly imagined. If you can only practice for five minutes of guitar every day this is far much better than exercising for thirty five minutes every week! It all comes down to hands on time with your guitar, the more you practice in between your guitar lessons the much better.

It is not important to have the custome Les Paul or Strat guitar in order to get the sound of your dream guitar gamer, the attitude of the player is much more important. Listen to exactly what your teacher says during your blues guitar lessons for the very best possibility of success.

Blues is exhibited making use of various chord progressions, of which the 12 bar Blues chord developments are really usual.

The guitar lessons are available to play various designs of blues like Chicago blues, slow blues, funky blues, jazz blues, boogaloo and much more. The lead lessons include blues licks and solos, timeless blues licks, traditional double stop licks, bends, movable blues, Jody’s shuffle and much more. You have to also focus on lessons related to blues rhythm, blues turn-around and acoustic.

Learning how to play guitar for the first time can be challenging, but it’s possible! By just learning certain guitar chords for beginners | Six and Out you can find out what works for you and what doesn’t. For more information on how you can learn how to play guitar – online reviews please go to – online piano lesson resource

Learn how to Bowl on Vacation


Are there places for bowling in the Caribbean? Not really. Unless you are on a cruise, you’re out of luck. However that doesn’t mean you can’t still sharpen your skills as a regular league bowler right?

When it come to playing bowling, it is just practical that one utilizes a bowling ball to achieve this. The bowling ball made use of right here primarily makes up of plastic, reactive resin, urethane or sometimes a mix of all these. All are round in nature, there have varying characteristics that comes with them not to mention a distinct sensation that separates them compared to others.

Right here we have the ten-pin balls and the five-pin bowling ball. A ten-pin bowling ball in terms of weight have actually not specified weight in terms of how light it can be but at the same time can weigh up to 7kgs. We have the five-pin bowling ball which unlike the ten-pin bowling ball it has no drilled holes in it.

Looking further at how best to hold the bowling balls that have holes drilled in them, there are a number of means that this can be achieved for an excellent strike. When playing a bowling ball, there are primarily three kinds of grips that can be utilized. There is the standard grip in which the bowler’s ring and the middle finger are placed into the ball up to the 2nd joint. When it comes to holding the bowling ball, this kind of grip mostly is seen good for the newbies since it allows for maximum grip. In the fingertip grip, on the other hand the middle finger and the ring finger holes accept the bowler’s finger as much as the very first joint. The last type of grip is the semi-finger idea in which the bowler puts his/her finger in between the 2nd and very first joint. This enables in most cases a clean release of the ball guaranteeing that the ball rotates as the bowler desire it to. Strokers like this last kind of grip because it creates less hook upon release.

Inside the balls, a core dictates how the ball is to act. These cores get to be imbalanced to which as a result attempt to stabilize the ball when it is on activity down the lane. When it is thrown and it is on movement, this in the procedure makes the ball roll over a different part of the surface area. The cores here are made from various densities as required by the ball it is to be used for. In these densities, there can be the center heavy known as low rig while others are made with the weight distributed to the cover of the ball.

When it come to playing bowling, it is only useful that one makes use of a bowling ball to attain this. Here we have the ten-pin balls and the five-pin bowling ball. We have the five-pin bowling ball which unlike the ten-pin bowling ball it has actually no drilled holes in it. Inside the balls, a core dictates how the ball is to act.